what we do

We’re Fairtrade pioneers

We’re proud to have been doing business a little differently since 2005. When it comes to the cotton we use we pay more, which gives more to the farmers, their families and the communities who grow it.

Meet the people behind our clothes

Every piece of clothing we produce has a story to tell. Every item is made with care and pride by the wonderful, skilled team we work with in India.

Clothes made to last

Our clothes are crafted to survive snuggly newborns, excitable toddlers and adventurous children and still come out looking great. They’re designed to adjust and grow with your child and be passed on from one child to another.

Our community

The Little Green Radicals blog is full of feel-good tales from the colourful world of organic and Fairtrade clothing.

100% organic

Choosing organic cotton is better for your child, better for the planet and better for the farmers who grow it. Those are just a few of the reasons we love organic cotton.

How we got here

It was a passion for Fairtrade, an offbeat sense of humour and bright colourful clothes that first brought Little Green Radicals to life. We’ve come a long way since then but there’s still so much more we want to do.